School Leavers

Research shows that 82% of school leavers get it wrong when picking the course or direction for their career.  You know you don’t want this to be you? You know you prefer to be one of the 18%.

It may be hard to imagine but failing to make the right decision may well lead to dropouts from College, stressful times studying and trying to get exams, extra financial burden on yourself or guardians, seriously impacting your social life or hobbies, selecting courses that are completely wrong for you, possibly failing and having to repeat along the way as well as overall frustration. Get it wrong and life will be like trying to push mud uphill.

Get a decision right now and life will be easy, successful, stress free and an opportunity to excel at the level you would want.  This single session could be the most important three hours of your life. Contact Amaze today and learn more about how this programme could specifically help you.

Remember: the decision you make now will have implications for the next 50 years.

Ideally suited for those:

  • Leaving cert students who are looking to know the best career options.
  • Leaving Cert students who want to know the choices they could submit on their CAO application.
  • Parents who are trying to help their children to make the right choices and to motivate them to study on the run up to the leaving cert.
  • Leaving cert students who are looking to choose between specific courses or colleges and where there are subtle difference which are contributing to a lack of surety or clarity.
  • School leavers who would prefer not to go to college but need real answers to make what appears to be a brave decision to differentiate themselves by what they do rather than what they know.
  • Fifth year students who are looking to get a better idea of what they could be doing later in life with a view to motivating themselves to study and keeping on track during difficult times in school.
  • Transition year students who are looking to select the right subjects for their leaving cert course.
  • Needing impartial and objective answers to allow them make the best decision for the future
  • Those who need a safe space to formulate their own ideas and dreams away from possible conflicting perspectives from parents, teachers and friends


  • You get to work with an independent and impartial expert. You get it right first time
  • It only takes three hours. You excel easily and effortlessly for the next 50 years
  • Gives you direction in terms of future career options. You get choice.

Structure and content

• Allows you to comprehensively and objectively understand your personal strengths in a career context

when compared to other individuals in business in the western world in the 21st century.

• Recommends a comprehensive suite of sectors and roles where you can excel.

• Allows you to understand the ideal work environment for you.

• Generation of a practical short term plan.

• There is pre-work, a three-hour coaching session with Amaze and a follow-up telephone support on an

on-going basis.


The greatest cost will be in terms of your own time, curiosity, frustrations and commitment to making the best

decision for you.

The once off session , including use of objective psychometric profiling in advance to give real answers, costs €300.


You’re totally unique……….

Just like everyone else.

Fran O’Reilly